Antarctic landscapes

There were two things that really stood out about Antarctica – landscapes and wildlife. Of course there really isn’t anything else there as there are no land plants of which to speak. What’s impressive about the landscapes is the stark beauty, the sheer vastness and the utter lack of noticeable human impact. I’ve posted about 40 of my favorite Antarctic landscape photos in this album. They give you a sense of what I experienced, but you can only perceive a portion through them. The cold temperatures and complete lack of sound other than an occasional penguin or the conversation of other tourists add a tremendous amount to the overall experience. Words and photos can’t sufficiently convey those feelings, but as you look through the photo album hopefully try and imagine them and you might just get some small sense of what it is really like to be there. As with my other albums please rate the photos or add comments (select “Add Comment” in the drop down box near the bottom).